Ski mountaineering rando race - Mountain Storm

Planning the next edition (venue & dates)

We would love to have the next Mountain Storm on mountains above Vancouver, BC.

The final venue and dates are in the works but we already have great courses in mind - one Recreational and one Elite.

The event will be a Fundraiser for North Shore Rescue.

Previous editions gallery

Seeking title sponsors and partners

We already have couple of great partners on board for the 2012/13 edition of Mountain Storm.

But we are currently seeking for title sponsors to make Mountain Storm the most popular ski mountaineering event in Canada. We have plenty of ideas in the works!

Current partners

Open for Teles, Split Boarders and Ski Tourers

As long as you can climb up by using skins or boot-pack at designated sections you are welcome to enter the Mountain Storm race.

We all share the same passion but each use different gear to get our endorphins flowing.

"Endorphins" - reduce the sensation of pain and affect emotions.

History and Background of Ski Mountaineering

Ski mountaineering (or rando) is a winter sport that combines descending/ascending and mountaineering skills in order to travel long distances and conquer high peaks.

Mountaineering rando races introduced a new dimension to this beautiful sport in Europe few decades ago. Athletes use alpine touring, telemark, or split board equipment to gain altitude and subsequently descent down challenging slopes. Some technical sections may require boot-packing.

The races begin with a mass start. The winner is whoever crosses the finish line first. Thus, results are determined by time.

The sport enjoys great popularity all over the world with a rapidly growing community in North America in the past 5 years. People that participate in such events are skiers, snowboarders, telemark-skiers or simply those who seek an ultimate challenge.

Some of the ski mountaineering races around the world are organized in a world cup circuit. Some of them are stand-alone events that provide great athletic challenge to anyone.

There is also a growing support for the sport to be included in the Olympics in the near future as it was in the 1930's.